Any person or organization engaged in research, development and utilization of biotechnology or in a field related to biotechnology and interested in promotion of objectives of society will be considered qualified for membership in the society. The membership of society consists of life members, annual members, organizational members, corporate / non-profit agency members and patrons. Application for membership is made on a form approved by the society. Membership fee is accepted by Cheque/Bank Draft. A Bank Draft of requisite amount should be issued, preferably from State Bank of India, in the favour of “Biotechnology Society of India payable at New Delhi. Out-station cheques are accepted with an additional bank collection charges of Rs. 45.00 for a sum of up to Rs. 1,000.00 and Rs. 60.00 for more than Rs. 1,000.00.

All other correspondences including enquiries and request for application form for membership should be addressed to the Secretary, Biotechnology Society of India.


Category of Membership


Life (For Individuals, One Time)
(a) Residing in India
(b) Residing abroad

US$ 300/-

Annual (For Individuals)
(a) Residing in India
(b) Residing abroad

US$ 50/-

Organizational (One Time)
(a) In India
(b) From Abroad

US$ 1000/-

Corporate / Non-Profit Agencies (Annual)
(a) In India
(b) From Abroad

US$ 500/-

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